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zune stuck on loading screen December 31, 2008

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zune stuck on loading screen

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When selecting a song the zune got stuck Loading problems. Ask a Question. Bogda. Guru. Let our erinclem asked: “Screen Blank- can’t even reset”

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Full Zune. Offline. Posts: 8. dust under the screenon: November 28, 2008, 01:12:43 PM ” was stuck pixels but then i looked at it with a dark screen and

Zune Frozen onZunescreen
and “poof”, it shut down and was stuck in the “Zuneloading page. the low battery symbol, then went back to being stuck on the “Zuneloading page.

WMP 11 to reconize the Zune. ***UPDATED***
and on that screen click Portable Devices and right click Zune and Update Right now, I guess you could say I’m really stuck.

Zune Insider
When the zune is loading hold the Back button at the same time as you press both my zune 80gb is stuck on the please wait screen.how do i fix?

Zune Player
Zune stuck at the “2” screen. Shotgunshogun. 13. 1855. October 15, 2007, 01:04:37 pm. by Kostas © 2006-2007 Zune-Online.com. Dilber MC Theme by HarzeM. Loading

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on Photo folders. Vista can’t install my driver… Problems with loading Zune 30 software my zune is stuck not working. Broken Screen. Can’t preview songs

Zune Owner Reviews
The Zune’s functionality along with the huge screen and the slick rubberized I ended up loading all our family videos on it, and it has been nice to share.

Read Before Asking Any Zune Questions (Button Combinations)
combination while your Zune is loading up (ie. right To do a hard reset on the Zune 80 and 120(?)- (while in zune load screen) BACK+CENTER+PLAY/PAUSE

Winter 2007 Buyer’s Guide: Microsoft Zune 8 vs iPod Nano
comparing the iPod with Microsoft’s new line of Zune music players, there’s several important facts you should awkward pause, the screen lights up and

Microsoft Zune
This portable music and video player boasts a sharp-looking screen and a beautiful interface, but its extras won’t sway iPod owners.

Zune vs. iPod: About the Same Size, Both Stuck in 4:3
picture on the left, you can see that the Zune’s half-inch larger screen is in media, comparison, size, zune, zune vs. ipod, ipod. Loading comments …

Frozen zune 80gig 2nd gen, error 5 – FixYa
927001/), then my zune was stuck on ‘no3 please wait’ screen & would not switch Loading problems. Ask a Question. Bogda. Guru. Let our Experts. solve

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Why is the Zune stuck in a version 1.0 in bugs and features, when Media Player the big screen is definitely a plus, it’s as though the Zune is an aborted

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When you’re watching videos on a screen that small, every extra bit of real estate counts. from, I kept getting stuck with one level being too soft and the

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Zune User Community Forums. Zune Tech Support. Zune30 frozen on loading turn it on, but upon loading, the screen just gets stuck on the zune logo for a

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Zune Freak. Offline. Posts: 53. My Z80 got blank screen of death. I stuck it on my DLO charger and it started to charge an after a few minutes it

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If you’re stuck at the loading screen. D-Sovereignty. May 3, 2008 2:54 am PT Mine only froze on the loading screen twice before, and each time I just

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This video will appear on your blog shortly. LoadingLoadingLoadingLoading… PSP while Apple is gonna be stuck in the MP3 generation for a

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native screen resolution is bigger than the Zune’s, a beastly technology & zune rob on 07 Jan 2007. The Microsoft Zune – Video Creation and Loading