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billy redden December 10, 2008

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Pickin’ For Payday Loans with Billy Redden

After disappearing from the limelight, Billy Redden has resurfaced and may just be in need of payday loans. String up your banjo and get to pickin’, cause ol’ Billy Boy might be in need of a rent party.

Come back to the five and dime, Billy Redden, Billy Redden

If you’re a fan of iconic 1970s films like I am, you’ve heard of the film “Deliverance.” I won’t get into the reasons why you may remember that film here, but let it suffice to say that it is memorable in an “Outward Bound,” family picnic, “Duelling Banjos” kind of way.

Back in 1972 when the John Boorman film premeired, Billy Redden was the musically inclined banjo boy Lonnie. He played a mean duet with Ronny Cox.

But he didn’t really PLAY the banjo

It turns out the young Redden wore a special shirt that enabled a real banjo wizard to slip his arms in and play the instrument for him. Can’t tell from the picture above, can you?

Where is he now?

Billy Redden, 52, appeared at New Jersey’s Chiller Theater Expo. In recent years, he appeared in the Tim Burton movie “Big Fish.” Burton rediscovered Redden while he was working as a cook/dishwasher/part owner of the Cookie Jar Cafe on Highway 441 in Clayton, Georgia.

What brought Mr. Redden back?

Is he looking to reconnect with his fan base? Is he a fan of horror festivals in New Jersey? Or is he in need of some healthy appearance fees? Goodness knows, in our current economy, every little bit matters.

However, if Mr. Redden – or any of you, for that matter – are gainfully employed but need a little bit of financial assistance to carry you over until your next payday, payday loans can help.